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Supporting individuals to discover their own ways to manage difficulties more effectively, improve relationships and enjoy better quality of life

Dr. Tania Leigh

Professional help to individuals, couples, groups and organizations


How I Can Help

As qualified Psychotherapist I can help IF YOU:

  • need help in solving psychological problems
  • need psychological support in difficult life situation or crisis
  • want to get rid of the feeling of insecurity or psychological discomfort
  • experience relationship difficulties
  • suffer from depression, fatigue, anxiety, post-traumatic stress or inner tension
  • want to understand yourself better
  • need professional support in personal growth and development.

My other specialist psychological services include Workshops, Psychological Training, Infertility Counselling and Consultations on Human Factors and Occupation Health Psychology for individuals and organizations.

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Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt Therapy is good for those who prefer to solve various problems and improve their life quality through personal development and creative adaptation process. 

As Gestalt Therapist, I work with an emphasis on awareness, relationship and integration to facilitate the development of natural human capacity and creative adaptation to life.

It is the aim of a gestalt therapist to promote a non-judgemental self-awareness that enables clients to develop a unique perspective on life.

By helping an individual to become more aware of how they think, feel and act in the present moment, gestalt therapy provides insight into ways in which he or she can alleviate their current issues and distress in order to aspire to their maximum potential.

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Occupational Health Psychology

I have over 20 years’ experience of both practical and research work in the field Occupational Health Psychology and Psychophysiology. My key skills and knowledge include but are not limited to:

  • Expert knowledge of Occupational Health Psychology of transport operators and other risky profession groups;
  • Conducting psychological examination and semi-structured interviews,
  • Selection and/or design of specific psychological research methods and methodology in accordance with research/examination objectives and constraints;
  • Psychological test results interpretation; quantitative and qualitative analysis of data obtained, formulating the hypothesis and presenting the interpretation of statistical analysis for final reports.
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